Love the live music on your wedding day

When it comes to choosing live music on your wedding day, the possibilities can seem to be endless. Over the years, we’ve performed at weddings with completely different themes, in completely different venues, from the very large to the very small, and from the beautiful to the wacky.

From playing at so many weddings over the years; we know that every couple is unique and tends to have something particular in mind when it comes to the music for their wedding day. We completely understand this and our aim is to help your special ideas become a reality, whether that may be booking a full party band in the evening to finish your wedding day with a bang; a gentle accompaniment to some afternoon drinks or even live music as you walk down the aisle. We offer live music for all the different stages of your wedding day. We offer the options below for all of our bands:

A tailor made package for your special day
Performance of your first dance
Customisable set lengths
P.A Hire Service (saving on expensive DJ costs)
Lighting rigs to brighten up the dancefloor & add a touch of class to your evening
Discount for multiple band bookings on the same day

Check out our breakdown below…………

Booking a party band

The classic choice at a wedding is the to book a party band to get your guests our of their seats and onto the dance-floor.  After you have enjoyed the wedding breakfast, and the laughter from the speeches has been and gone; it’s time to party!

Our party lineups are the perfect bands for larger weddings. If you have guests who want to party the night away, and you want great live music to be a main part of your night’s entertainment, our full party bands will powerfully deliver carefully constructed set-lists of classic tracks and modern chart toppers with sophistication and style. These are the lineups that pack a punch and will undoubtedly finish your night with a bang.

Wedding Cake with Love

  • 4-6 piece customisable bands – upgrade to our 6 piece band for the biggest and boldest sound from Backbeat Entertainment.
  • Choose from male or female lead vocals to customise your band even further.
  • Get the best – book entertainment that you and your guests won’t forget on your special day.

Think an electric band might be too big for you or that you’d prefer the sounds of acoustic music at your wedding?

Downsize to our acoustic bands for your evening’s entertainment to bring warm feel good acoustic music to your night – a great way to finish your day on a slightly gentler note than the full electric band whilst maintaining the upbeat feel good mood that all our bands create as standard.

Music for afternoon drinks, the wedding breakfast & the wedding ceremony

Champagne glasses at a celebration

  • Afternoons drinks – it’s common for guests to be waiting in different areas before they are moved to the ceremony, the wedding breakfast or even the wedding reception whilst important changes are being made behind the scenes. Providing them with some entertainment is the perfect way to fill those moments in the day; and adds a touch of class to your event.
  • Acoustic music can be the perfect accompaniment during the wedding breakfast itself; and we perform at dozens of wedding breakfasts throughout each wedding season. Keep your guests’ energy levels up with the feel good music of one of our acoustic bands.
  • Thinking of having live music in your wedding ceremony? We’ve been lucky enough to send our acoustic bands to perform specially chosen songs that many brides have asked to walk down the aisle to before the bands have setup for performances elsewhere. If this is something you would like to have too, just let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Our acoustic bands play at weddings of all different shapes and sizes every year. The nature of acoustic instruments allows to perform relaxed gentle sets; and powerful energetic sets too. From providing gentle acoustic accompaniments to the afternoon drinks, to performing as the main entertainment into the early hours during a wedding reception; or simply acting as a warm up act before one of our full party bands, our acoustic acts are incredibly versatile & will do everything they can to deliver the mood and music that you have been hoping for.

We’ve got every detail covered…

Bridal bouquet

  • For all weddings, we offer to learn a first dance free of charge.
  • For extra peace of mind, we are fully insured and our equipment is PAT tested too just in case your wedding venue requires these certificates too.
  • If you’d like your band to have a little more rock or a touch more funk, or play more songs from a certain generation, just let us know and we’ll make it happen.
  • Thinking of hiring a live band and a separate DJ too? Think again. Costs can spiral at a wedding day – we understand this. So if you were thinking of hiring a band & a separate DJ, we can save you money.
  • If you have created your own playlist you’d like to put on for your guests during the wedding reception – simply bring along your iPod, iPad etc; and we can connect it to our PA system for you. Our music system will already be setup, and so we simply charge a small hire fee that will be much cheaper than booking a DJ, plus you’ll be in control of every song that you hear.